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Monroe, WA

Individual income tax prep

Choosing software from a local retailer might sound like an easier way to file your taxes. But for a majority of individuals, it is not the best route to take. Unless you are tax savvy and completely familiar with the ins-and-outs of state and federal taxes, seeing a real person to file your taxes is advantageous for any financial situation.

3 Reasons to Hire a CPA for Your Tax Return

1. You can get advice for complicated financial issues. If you have business income, multiple sources of income, rental properties, or anything else that might make filing difficult, you would benefit from having our CPA by your side. If you start or have a new business you should talk to a tax professional.

2. You’ll get advice year-round from a professional. Your financial situation can change throughout the year. If you get a new job or new source of income it may change your tax situation. A tax professional can help you navigate this change.

3. You won’t have to figure out any sort of new system. Tax professionals know how to navigate their software. You might not fully understand how to navigate the software correctly. This means you can lose time, and even lose money if you are not filing correctly.

Avoid the frustration of using softwares. Choose an experienced CPA for your income tax prep in Monroe, WA. Get in touch with Deborah S. Larsen CPA today at 360-794-3148.


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