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    Honest, helpful and fair! Very pleased with tax help ad well as support for our HOA.

    Karen R.
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    Deborah has been doing my taxes for many years and always does a great job! I have recommended her to numerous people and they have all been very satisfied with her performance. I highly recommend her!

    Kathi K
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    Deb has helped us out over the years with our taxes. She also gives us solid advice as to what we should be doing with our withholdings for the next year. She also tells us that we should talk to our investment guy/girl if we can change distributions etc.. we love her and her staff.

    Lois P
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    I’ve owned my business since 2002 , Debbie has been doing my taxes since about 2005 when my business grew to where B.O. taxes became due monthly & I needed someone to do payroll. Debbie has not only taken care of my business taxes but she’s also helped with questions relating to ira , sep ira , llc vs corporations. I lost my Mom about 4 years ago & Debbie helped me navigate that with inheritance, real estate & capital gains. I’ve referred Debbie many friends Family & other businesses & will continue to do so. I would be lost without Debbie.

    Jason K
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    Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I will only use Deborah to do our taxes from here on out. Last year was the first year we used a CPA and not Turbo Tax. We were worried because we made like 35K more than the year before. Every year we always end up owing money. Well Deborah got us a tax return. That’s the first Tax return in our lifetime. 🙂 Thank you. See you March 2017!

    Wendy W.
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    I have been using Deb for my taxes since 2006. She and her staff have been a blessing for us. We have found them to be responsive, helpful, and thorough. I am grateful for our relationship and plan to stay with her practice for years to come. 🙂

    Samuel W

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